Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Moss Thread Guardian

You have been looking for me a long time, and I have been there deep in the mossy neurons, in the deep forest of your brain...I know that you have searched for me...
(and they will say that you are a little nutty.)
But I know that when you walk in the woods, that you will look for of the Forest, Protector of the Green things,
and I will be there.
The Moss Thread Guardian is 8 inches tall. has Moss for hair and vintage scraps of fabric for wings as well as Moss ribbon. There is a loop for hanging so he can protect your Greenest Living Things.

The Moss Thread Guardian


Debra said...

Oh Baggs~This absolutely made my morning! That hair! It is fabo-you are doing some amazing art, Robin. The face is very good too-and of course, the story. I just love this one.
Loveth, Bean

Dorthe said...

Hi my dear Robin,
Oh she looks so very glad, and with blink in her eyes ,even she lives a mossy life, betweeen branches and lovely old holes in big trees , she is gorgeous my sweet friend.
Love you-
Hugs Dorthe
I miss hearing from you .

sharon said...

I adore that hair and all that green! Green, the color of the is so perfect, like your tree dweller...loooove!