Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Pickled Okra Jar

My daughter will tell you that I have been attracted to jars for a long time. Its a weird kind of a thing I know, but I love making fairy lights and Bug jars...I keep imaging how beautiful they would all be filled with some kind of magic.
I am also infatuated with those battery operated tea lights. I am entranced by the idea that when the lid goes on some thing mysterious is taking place...I know, I know...I am hopeless.
Well, Here is the latest attempt at the other World inside a jar...a pickled okra jar as a matter of fact. Delicious.
The castle is made from Paper clay. My friend Dorthe sent me that fabulous old danish script. ( Dorthe's  Blog)


Debra said...

I LOVE this Baggs.

Dorthe said...

My dear friend Robin,
I love your imagination,and wonderful ability to tell magical and fantastic stories, I love, you wanting to see magic everywhere, I think we agree in being kindred spirits ,as I`m talking with the fairies and elves ,too-and we both love this side of our life.
Your elfhome in a jar is such magic beauty from your hands and imagination,that I love- as I love you.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Robin, I was sitting here feeling lost and defeated with the feeling of not being able to connect with many of the people I am surrounded with and then I read your post about magic in a jar and felt like there was hope! Your jar is awesome. You are awesome-r. Have a great week ~*~Lisa