Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grace Tenderstitch

in my Brain, where the Baggaraggs sometimes sleeps and sometimes plays, sometimes has a party and sometimes has a war...
I think about Grace Tenderstitch...( I have not written about her in a long time, long time)
and I wonder if anyone out there is interested in checking in on her and Murray her DOG and her Friends in The Land of the Baggaraggs. I have been thinking about re-vamping the story, Editing it, and continuing her journey...
I would be interested in what you think?
Thanks. Robin


Debra said...

I love your story-telling. Please!

Dorthe said...

I have not been hearing or reading about Grace before, but I know I will just love it ,-and her-- so yes, PLEASE tell, from your heart and wonderful soul.
Warm evening thoughts from your friend far away in Denmark- alwayes loving you :-)
Your Dorthe

Yitte said...

Please don't stop stry telling. The world already is so hard and we so need dreaming away in a lovely story.


Shane Pollard said...

Hello Robin
I would love to hear more about Grace - that was my mothers name too and she was such a darling, as I'm sure your Grace is!!

I've just discovered your blog via Dorthe where I met ROMA FEY - what a sweetie, I'm sure she'll have some wonderful adventures with Dorthe in Denmark!

I find your writing charming as I'm sure children do too - is there a book one day? I have a space on my bookshlef waiting!

You've created wonderful faerie folk, such great companions for us all!

warm hugs

Art From The heart said...

I'm a new follower on your blog,but have been commenting on Junes facebook site.
I love what you do and find your writing delightful,please continue.
Hope you are doing better soon. Hug, Amy Jo said...

Yes,please get Grace back here,she has alot to say!
Hope you are feeling better & stronger every day,prayers for healing,phyllis