Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy day from Dorthe!

I know I have been away for a bit.
I have been working hard none the less and may soon have good news to share with you. 
I am not sure if I am supposed to talk about it, so I will try to keep a clamp on my lips until I know.
hard for me to keep a secret of my own. I am a big blabber mouth.
Meanwhile I can show you what my lovely friend and soul sister across the sea (as we call each other) in Bornholm, Denmark sent ME.
 I love, LOVE, LOVE getting packages from her. She calls them packets. I love that too. She is a sweet and generous person. Dear to me. You will find the link to her Blog at the top right corner of my blog. She is, as you may know, a fabulous doll maker.
Ok so here is what I came home and FOUND!

Oh sweet Giggles.

I opened it up.
Beautifully wrapped up...I am doing the excited dance....

and look at this fabulous package of BITs and BOBS!!!! I am near to swooning!

I can't wait to dive into this...imagination OVERLOAD!
Take a look at this beautiful COLLAGE!
I love bird stuff. (wonder why,
huh ROBIN?) and LOOK at these beautiful things. Sweet with the smell of Lavender. That's my favorite scent.
Thank you DORTHE!!!!!!!! Love you Dear one!

Oh and coming soon: a face tutorial on how I do my faces.
Peace out!


Unknown said...

Oh gorgeous gifts from afar!!! Enjoy!

Createology said...

Christmas did come early from Dorthe. She is a dear and makes the most wonderful pieces of art. I await hearing your secret. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Dorthe said...

Robin my dear,

I`m happy my little package (smiles) is loved and arrived safe to your home,-and so glad you are my soul sister,-I feel blessed knowing you,- friend of mine! and am a big admirere of your art!
Love you and sends you warm hugs, from rainy stormy Bornholm.
Your Dorthe

Anonymous said...

I know you are excited as I was also excited when an envelope arrived from Dorthe this week.
This dear woman has the kindest of hearts.
What gorgeous pieces for you to create with and then Dorthe's own unique pieces of art - the bird collage is so beautiful.

Debra said...

You must be twins! I can see you in her art-what wonderful packets!
LOVE your new header-it's Fab!!!

Unknown said...

I just found you on Esty. I love your dolls and their stories. Very nice!