Saturday, April 13, 2013

Winnie Fey

The mornings are still cool here in the Baggaraggs. Albert and I are up early and take the path behind the house to wander down the way. The birds are so busy, flittering about in the early light of day. I stop to watch them and see who is a visitor and who is a resident.
Albert waits for me, looking back, his brown eyes questioning, a gentle smile on his dog face.
I see them now. The Fey.
They have gathered for a spring wedding, all who attend carry a Bouquet of Rags.
That's right: Bouquets of Rags,
and they are just lovely. All the stolen scraps from the floor of my sewing room made into a lovely bouquet.
I catch Winnie's eye and she smiles a little at me.
I smile back.

Winnie is made of muslin, and fabric scraps with a tulle skirt. her wings are upholstery fabric, vintage corsage leaves, and her lace crown is vintage. She has wire arms and legs. There are bits of moss ribbon on her wings and feet.
Her Rag Bouquet has been assembled from the tiny scraps lovingly gathered from the floor of the studio.
She has been coffee dyed, baked and painted. She is 13 inches tall.


Dorthe said...

My wonderful friend, she is precious,-----so lovely,-I am all in awe over her and how you made her the most gorgeous fey- you are a magic doll art creator, Robin.
I send you big applause and much love!

Connie said...

You forgot to say that she is a vision of delightful charm. Your dolls are wonderful and when i read your text, they come to life with personality.
You are truly amazing.
I would be delighted to have you as a mutual follower. Please accept my invitation.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Clare said...

How delightful - as always. I love the way you write about your little fabric scrap people and adventures maybe there is a book in there somewhere?

susan hemann said...

Your work is wonderful. so creative.