Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The painted lady Butterfly Fey.

I had to call my daughter this morning.

She's in Seattle.
My story maker had taken a break, I'd like to think not a break down, but none the less,
was in a deep sleep.
I woke her up, it seems that my story maker wasn't the only thing who was sleeping.
I told her that I needed help.
A different perspective on a story for a doll named the Painted Lady.
I described her, and I said that it looked like she had been out all night dancing in glitter,
we talked about places a person could go to have this experience...dancing in a field of Glitter.
That is how the story was born.
A Collaborative effort...
I hope your wishes come true,
and even if they don't...
I hope we all get the chance or make the experience of a night filled with dancing in a field or meadow of places where the shooting stars have landed, and planted their wishes.
Maybe if you can't make your own wish come true,
you could pick up someone else's wish and grant theirs.

The Painted Lady Butterfly Fey


DollZandThingZ said...

It's good to have someone to confer with when one's muse takes a nap! Adorable fairy!

Dorthe said...

My wonderful friend, I`m so happy you could call your muse, to have a talk about this very lovely ,lovely Fey.
Such a night of falling stars and dance in moon shimmer and stardust she have had! She is such a beautiful Fey, I love the colours you painted her with Robin.
I wish you a wonderful day,please don`t be dissapointed, -wait a bit more to see!!!! I love you so much!
Dorthe xxx

Marilee said...

Hi ... I love your work but just wanted to let you know that when I clicked on a link down the right wall called (with a title in something that looked like German) there's basically a link to sexually specific material. I don't know if it means you've been hacked or what, but just thought I'd let you know.

Createology said...

Dancing in a field of glitter sounds wonderful. Butterfly Fey is magical. How very nice to have a muse to talk with and collaborate. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...