Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trudy Fey

"When did this all get to be so very, terribly serious?" asks Trudy, wielding a rusted Bottle cap flower wand.
She eyes me with concern, her mouth dancing sideways.
"You have misplaced your SILLY," she gasps, recognizing my apparent deficit.
I do not have an opportunity to respond, cognitive slowing, evidently.
I do not have a chance to get a word in.
Trudy has already waved her wand at me,
casting her best silly spell, and in response I...
I emit a bubble of a giggle.
A burp of a chuckle.
A lightness, like feathers around my heart.
"Thanks Trudy," I say with some relief, my cognition coming up to speed.
"I needed that."
Trudy is a Fey from the Land of the Baggaraggs.
She is made of coffee dyed muslin, and pink gingham. Her trims are vintage, except her wings which are cut from a child's pinafore. She has painted, cloth covered wire arms and legs.
She is 14 inches tall and has a loop for hanging.
She also sports a rusted and painted bottle cap wand. Perfect for banishing heavy thoughts and cognitive slowing. (DEPRESSION, in other words.)
Be silly!


Dorthe said...

Sweetest dear Robin,-I`m so happy you have become "silly" again-
so happy your Trudy Fey casted her spell of sillines apon you :-)
and that you felt the soft comforting feeling from it, around you!!
Dearest friend,- I pray your travel through all this sadnes will bring you to the other side ,where light and love in the end will conquer all the sorrow, bitternes and anger-the feeling bad about what happened,--- and then giving place for all of you, to live with it, but together in love !! That is my prayer for you, my dearest loved friend.
Your Dorthe

susan hemann said...

Love Trudy Fey, I need her since I have depression a problem I live with constantly. Enid is doing nicely by the way. She says hi!

Karen Larko said...

Oh dear! She made me smile too. Just love her!!!

Createology said...

Trudy Fey is a breath of fresh air and I adore her wand to wave silliness across the land. Our world needs more whimsy...

Deb said...

She is perfectly silly Robin, love her and (burp), er, excuse me, I just burped up a chuckle looking at her :O)

bois-fleurie said...

So pleased to have signed up to your blog.I am going through ovarian cancer treatment just now and its so hard.I have my two dolls on the wall in my bedroom and now with access to your blog I can raise my spirits even more.

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