Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Castle Tower on the Hill

Here's a Little place for you to visit when the trains aren't running to Edinburgh and the Travel purse is low on Funds. A tiny spot where maybe magic happens, where folks have lived a long time in Happily Ever a Castle Tower on the Hill.
The Castle tower is made of Paperclay, painted and varnished. It has a bit of sparkle on it for added magic. It has a tree made of moss ribbon and an odd stick. Seated on a hill of reindeer moss and Black lichen.
There is vintage danish text wrapped about its turret, and about the circumference of the jar. It also has a circle of felt that has been glued to its bottom for a non-scratch surface.
5.5 inches tall.     The Castle Tower on the Hill


Dorthe said...

A beautiful and magic place to be, when life is totally stressed and foolish, -just to sit there and imagine the life in that little castle would be relaxing- so fantastico my dear friend, Robin.
You have brought the magic into my life ,more than any other ,and I LOVE it... and YOU.
Hugs under the now grey night sky - Dorthe

Debra said...

Oh Miss Baggatha-You are doing works of Wonder with these glass art delights. I have been saving a jar for I didn't know what, so now I am sending it to you with some other things-it's a hexagonal jar-just lovely. I will keep my eyes open for any other unusual ones for you.

Anonymous said...

A world inside a jar, love this. I bet that text came from Dear Dorthe!! xox

Clare said...

I love your inventive creations - always something to delight.