Monday, May 28, 2012

Times of Doubt

There are times of doubt for me, as an artist, when I think I will just quietly go away, stop trying to sell online and use my studio as a Hide-OUT for a Thread Drop-out.
This I am certain is a common ailment for anyone who is trying to...WELL, what is it I am trying to do?
Maybe that is part of the problem, and my angels are trying hard to tell me that I need to focus on clarifying my direction. My purpose in creating and trying to sell my work on line.
This kind of thing has been rehashed and hashed and Buttered and fried up many times.
But instead of attending to my need to feel sorry for myself, I think this time I will pay attention to the spiritual nagging that I have inside me that is saying...what are you trying to achieve?
I am a folk artist.
and I am going to figure out what that looks like.


Unknown said...

здравствуйте! я недавно читаю вас! и просто поражаюсь вашим работам, они оригинальны и неповторимы!!!! искренне желаю хороших продаж для вас!!! ведь это очень важно для любого художника!!! я сама нередко задаю себе такие вопросы!!!

чтобы прогнать отчаяние вспоминаю эти строки: Как только вы перестаете что-то страстно желать, вы получаете это. Энди Уорхолл

hello! I read you recently! and simply struck your works, they are original and nepovtorimy!!!! sincerely I wish good sales for you!!! in fact this be very important for any artist!!! I quite often set itself such questions!!! to drive away despair remember these lines: As soon as you stop something is passionate to wish, you get it. Andy Uorkholl

Unknown said...

Robin you are one of a kind and thank you for sharing your thoughts so generously with us. I think we help each other limp along sometimes; other times we run together. But the point is is that we are in the same current; some catching swiftly running sections and some getting caught up in an eddy and going round and round. But we are together.
Your work reminds me of Lynne Hoppe (link:
Very much so! Have a really nice day Robin! *smiles* Norma

Dorthe said...

Dear Robin, you please not go away ,but stay here with us, going on to be the wonderful FOLK ARTIST that you already are.
I`m often told to keep in line, and "only" create my fairies and angels, and maybe I should,-but I HAVE TO PLAY with new things now and then-just like you do-
Time now is so difficult, people keep the money in their pockets, and do not spend them as much as before,-- I feel that very much in my shop!
Like Norma writes, we are all feeling that on different times- so please go on smiling and creating your angels, birds and fairies, -They are loved and will alwayes be.
May you be happy and smile again-
I love you dear friend.-Dorthe

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I can totally relate to what you are going through, I have just left a miserable job due to frustration and decided after a long year of soul searching that I need to focus on my dolls and creative side for a change and not deal with ratty rat race things...and as soon as I made that decision, I got roasted over the proverbial coals; my blog got infected by malware and I just had a nasty experience on ebay by a vindictive woman who bid up my doll only to tell me she never really wanted it, she did it out of spite because I wouldn't as a seller violate an ebay policy at her request, so I was left with an item she won't pay for.

Needless to say today I've been seriously second guessing my decision to quit my rotten job and stay home and create, and feeling mighty sorry for myself. Thought about throwing in the selling towel. Nice to know I'm not alone in my feelings and if you'll keep on trying, I'll do the same.

Best of luck to you, hang in there and don't let ickyness get in the way of your creativity because the joy it brings others far outweighs the daily snags and bothers.

Debra said...

I couldn't say what I'm feeling better than all of the above-
you know how in despair I have felt at times, and the sense of feeling so lost...

Please-all of you that have commented-your work is AMAZING-and Baggs-you also know how I love your art. Do not give up-keep going.
And thank you for sharing your heart ~ it helps! And by the way- your heart is very big and has lovely gems and mosses and sparkly things in it. (Ok-being silly, I know it)

I love you. Bean said...

i LOVE your work, just LOVE!

Unknown said...

A friend sent me to your blog today. Girlfriend, I think you already have a purpose - your creations are fabulous! Don't overthink it - just do it. What is being created is what you were meant to do or you wouldn't be doing it so well! Create for YOU and others who are meant to, will love it!

Createology said...

I always believe there is a reason and time for everything. You have said so well how I have felt on many occasions. I even suspended my etsy shop for lack of sales and interest. I create because it feeds my soul. My self worth is not found in what others think of me or purchase of mine. As creative people we all have our wonderings. I adore your creations and your blog and wish you all the happiness you are seeking. Blessings to you dear...

Stacey said...

Oh Robin~

I think that many of us creative souls go through this. I know that I have. Through the years I have often felt tugged and pulled in my work by others, felt the need to justify it by some.

It wasn't until several years ago, that I found myself in a place where I had to stand up for my work. It was not a pleasant time,but somewhere in it, I realized that my creations come through, from heart, to head and then my hands...they also come through as a voice.

I believe that you create, because it is a part of your soul. I love watching your journey and listening to your unique voice. You are indeed a Folk the core.


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Sometimes we get caught in our own little bubbles and start floating around feeling aimless and it makes us feel aimless and we are hard on ourselves. I am standing on the outside of your bubble and all I can see is awesomeness, Robin. I have been a fan of your work for years - you have something special that comes from deeeep inside of you and you can't change that I don't think, even if you try. Embrace your awesomeness Woman! ~*~Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oh Robin- Such self doubt is a part of my daily routine! I haven't made an art sale in months but I've learned not to judge my work by the number of sales I have. I judge it by the quality of connections I have made on my journey. I see by the comments left for you by others that your art is as successful as it is fabulous. Art touches people in a way sales never can- and the true artist seeks not the sale but the soul. I couldn't imagine my world without any new creations from the small asylum :)

Super big bear hugs!!!