Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Christmas Story

    This Lovely elf reminds me so much of my cousin Claude that I named him Claude. My cousin does not have a beard or a pink tree, nor is he an elf.
    There is something about his eyes though that make me think of him.
    Something kind in them, and forgiving.
    Why would I need forgiveness from my cousin, you may be thinking?
    Well, I will make this story brief, but long ago when I was young,
    my cousin Claude and my brother and I were playing Cowboys and Indians.
    They were Cowboys and I was the Indian.
    ( not politically correct anymore I know, but nevertheless true)
    I had a bow and arrow that I had made from scratch....being crafty even as an 8 year old.
    The day was going pretty well until the "Cowboys" decided that they would run off to the "Secret Fort," some where I was not actually invited to, destination "BOYS ONLY."
    Off they ran, leaving me yelling "Wait up!"
    As I watched the boney shoulders of my cousin running up the hill away from me, I was seized by a terrible rage, and impulsively drew out my bow and arrow, and shot him.
    As it was a homemade arrow, and somewhat rickety, it only stuck in a little bit, but felled him nicely.
    I did have some mixed feelings about this...horror at my own accuracy, remorse and fear that I had killed my cousin, as my Brother was announcing loudly with a dirty finger pointed at me.
    I do recall that I got quite a whipping over this, and also overheard my Dad say proudly to my Mom, "Our Robbie Les is quite a shot."
    So that is my Christmas story.
    Well, its a story and I told it at Christmas.
    Claude is made of muslin and calico. He has a needle sculpted face and a wool beard. he has been coffee dyed , baked and painted.
    There is a right side leaning pink brush tree next to him.
    They have been handily glued to a piece of horse chestnut that I understand you can't get anymore, that measures about 6.5 inches long.
    Merry Christmas.
    P.S. I am not in jail, and my cousin was fine. I saw him some years back and he somehow didn't even remember this story. (PTSD I guess)

    Anonymous said...

    Oh my I laughed myself silly over this story. Claude is magnificent. (The cloth version) Thanks for sharing the story and Claude.

    Dorthe said...

    My GOODNESS Robin, I think you have alwayes been a great compagny, for anyone wanting to have a beautiful fun day, with lots of exiting hours ,LOL.
    Your Claude is gorgeous, dear ,love his grin, and fantastic christmas tree,- they are a great pair, and I totally love your story from the real life !!
    Love to you,

    Penny said...

    Once again you have created magic. I truly love Claude - he is quite the little celebrator of Christmas and thankfully has a short memory!


    Judys Lace Creations said...

    What a funny story. Love Claude!

    Lace Age Girl said...

    Hello Robin Hood! I LOVE your story and your storytelling voice - you sound like a real character! LOL! I love the character you have put into your dolls, too. I shall peruse more of your blog soon...
    Have a great week,