Monday, December 15, 2008


It is the kindness of other fabulous Etsy Artist that leaves me kind of Breathless. I have mentioned the great work of my friend Jennie at go to her shop click here. We have swapped work, bought each other's work and shared Alot of emails. I have sought her valuable advice. And have recieved honesty and kindness. I have made another friend in Debra of Monniebean's Folkart. To go to her shop click here. She is another Talented Folkartist with a Whimsical flare. I think that she and I are the only two Folkartist on Etsy that make bugs. I admitt that hers are better than mine. To go to her Etsy shop and see her work click here. Its not too late for some last minute shopping. Convo me first with this message (First Noel) and I will happily give you a 25% discount on any of my Merchandise at my Etsy shop. To go there now click here. I hope your Christmas season is peaceful and full of JOY. Blessings, Robin of the Baggaraggs. P.S. Here is another picture of my beautiful Grandchild being held by his grateful Grandma. He is YUMMY.


Debra said...

Robin-what a beautiful little baby!! My hands itch to hold's been so long since I held a little bundle.
Thank you for the link! And no way-my bugs are NOT better than yours...I need some creativity lessons from you. PLEASE!!

Baggaraggs: said...

Silly Goose. I meant what I said about the BUGS. My Grandbaby is delicious. Smells divine. His eyes are changing already to brown and he is only three weeks old. I think they will be brown anyway..