Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Elf: Evelyn

Please. someone out here. This Elf needs a home. She has attached herself to my pine tree and won't go away. She has a little sign on her head that says "Once upon a time." Keeps trying to tell me stories.


Debra said...

I think you need the Threader.
Or you need a host of them to do your chores for you, so you can climb up that tree with your fudge.
Your Hurrying is scaring your moths and things, who don't really like it.
Sit a spell with that elf and have a cup of tea. Or Tee hee.
Love, Debra

The Olde Prim House said...

Oh I hope he's found a home! If I hadn't spent all my money on the kiddos last night. He'd be coming to Indiana!!

Baggaraggs: said...

Thanks Brit. He actually went to live at my Sister,s Inn in Vermont. Its called the Lilac Inn. I think I will add a link. Thanks for coming to my blog. Robin

Ragged Raven said...

He's way too did I not get pics of him.....hmmmm seabug?

The Olde Prim House said...

Love your blog Robin1 icame back to read some more of your funny stories! Britt

lsg said...

Well Hi I think he is probably happy in Vermont but he would have been happy in Iowa too. Happy New year, Laura