Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maybell Mouse

Maybell Mouse has a story and like many in the long History of Stories, she is the Messenger. The one who comes with the Warning. Maybell was born in a place called Over the Hill. This was not a village of Elderly People gone past their prime. (It use to be "Up over the Hill" but that is another story.) Over the Hill was a location in the 60 acres that surrounded the Baggaraggs. It was a place like the Branch, or the Cliffs, or the Wineberry Patch. The Baggaraggs was hidden deeply in a Forest that lost its leaves in the Fall and found them again in the Spring. The Baggaraggs was the home of the Tenderstitch family.

Maybell Mouse was born on a Sunday in May. The Church bells were tolling the Sunday meeting when her Mother, Marvel, looked at her tiny form for the First time. She was neither a good child nor a wicked one. She was medium, I would guess and knew that both of these opposites, like the sunshine and the shadow, were woven together in her tiny soul. Maybell possessed the kind of curiosity that could lend itself to either situation. She could find things to do that would at times lead to a little trouble, or be helpful with the sewing, gathering of wood for the fire, or telling of the stories. She mostly liked to play alone and dress up the Toads for the Toad Circus.

Maybell also liked to listen to her Mother tell stories about her long friendship with the Tenderstitch family. The Tenderstitch family had one unusual Gift. They could speak to animals and the animals could speak to them.


Janice said...

I like Maybell! :o)

Debra said...

I hate to break this news to you, but I have the weasel on my drawing board. He has a collar and a leash. He's a pet. He's just made of ink from my pen, but alas, there he is. He sprang from my son's imagination a few years ago, and even though my son is 18, he and I still play 'weasel.' You see, this particular weasel is very bad, and is always playing tricks on his master, and eating things not healthy for weasels. Well, his punishment is....no, I better not go there. actually, there are a few weasels, but they're all BAD, and somtimes the owner(me) pulls on the collar to get their attention. This correction works for a while, but they have short term memory, and forget even where they are. So I have learned-it's hard to be a weasel, and that they are very bad...

Doreen Frost said...

Maybell is great!

Joyous New Year!