Friday, December 5, 2008

Pushing Threads

It is December in the Land of Baggaraggs. It has been cold here for a place that is zoned as sub-tropical. Baggaraggians can see their collective breaths at night while walking Albert. It makes my bones ache and this is most likely ridulous...since other people out in the temperate world are having snow and hail and nasty weather. I am trying hard to get my Holiday inventory out. i am having that feeling of not knowing how fast time is going and judging how much time is left to get something done. The Christmas music plays on the radio, and instead of enjoying it I feel this terrrible sense of urgency to hurry hurry up...I will remember this for next year, that the time after Christmas should be spent making things for next years Christmas. I don't think I will relax this whole season...and yet nothing seems to be flying out of the doors of the OOOdio. There is so much to be done and I feel all I want to do is just be in the OOdio. well, atleast I am not sticking to the floor of the Kitchen...although the cats are stuck in a few spots. Hmmm (shades of Nanny McPhee) Well, I am sewing and imagining and pushing threads as fast as I can.

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