Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rowan is the Most beautiful Baby

I tried to steal my grandbaby...I couldn't help it. I held him through dinner...he snuggled right up, and cried when I put him on the bed for a minute to get his new Christmas Jammies for his Mom. I am in Love.


Julie said...

I am in love to. He is beautiful. I found your blog through my Christmas shoppe. I will visit often, and just to let you know your studio looks about like mine,ha ha. That Debra has shaming me into getting my studio cleaned up too, I just love her. God Bless, Julie

Debra said...

I love you too, Julie. You are so inspiring-Your work makes me want to do the best I can with mine!
Robin-your little grandson is just beautiful. You will have so much fun with him. You ladies didn't see the rest of my work room-oh my! I admit, I have a 'thing' about order, but right now it is very much not orderly. I have so many piles of things to do...
Your new doll is great-I need to look at your Etsy shop tomorrow. You inspire me too-in fact, I was thinking I really need to visit your store for some lessons in creative doll making. I love your stuff so much. You have a following, for sure! You've made so many sales!! Bravo!
Love ya,