Monday, December 8, 2008

Its getting late and my Jammies are flying around solo in the dryer so I can wear them to bed. I did want to give you a preview of the Baggaraggian Pufferfish...which will go to Gan onto the top of a small wooden decoupaged box with a tiny tag that says "Sir Ictyus Spinalot" I think that's it anyway. Please feel free to make suggestions for I said , its late and the caffeine is wearing a little thinesh. He is swimming into the studio to get a paint job.


Debra said...

Good Grief!!! I was laughing before I even got to your blog, as his picture was on my google "Following" page!
Your blog is tremendous. I will give you a plug at mine-people can link to you from my blog. ya need to get a link from etsy directly from your blog, so all someone has to do is push a button, and they're at your store. I can help you if you need it. As for a shop-you can sell stuff directly from your blog. Or-if you want to join our Christmas group, you can contact theoldeprimhouse at Etsy-Britt Latona. She is heading it up. There's about 8 or 9 of us. Did you see the Christmas shop? It's wonderful. Britt gets our photos that we put into photobucket, then she loads them on the Christmas shop. From there, people are directed to your own blog shop. You can have your name in the address of blogger, just have it, or something like that, so the address directs people to your shop, not your blog. If you need more help, I'm here. you can email me from my Christmas shop. I'll do whatever I can to help...
Your stuff is great!!
PS I love paperclay too. I want to do a blog tutorial about using it in some neat ways.
Let me know how I can help. It won't be a bother at all!
Love, Debra

Debra said...

PS Your link on my blog is up- Hope it's okay!